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Use These 5+ Useful Business Card Mockup Templates

Networking has been a major source of new contacts and company clients in recent years.

Organizations are now more interested in making professional business cards and looking to guarantee that business card issuing techniques are simple and cost-effective.

Mockups emphasize an organized stack with a huge range of business cards.  It comes in Photoshop PSD format, making it simple to customize your designs, as well as modify the card color and background.

Are you in need of some motivation? We've put together a business card mockup template for you to use, whether you want to work with a designer or develop your own.

What Are Mockups For Business Cards, And How Can They Benefit You? 

In the graphic design sector, a mockup is an editable template that you may use to provide a reproduction/model of your final result: mostly, it's used to give your clients a more complete glimpse of what they've bought - in this case, the image of their business cards.

Business cards come in a variety of sizes and formats around the world, but one constant remain. 

The best mockup ideas should be fascinating, your business cards should appeal to people who receive them. 

Mockups allow you to show off your real business cards in a matter of seconds, rather than needing to print and reproduce them beforehand.

It really doesn't matter if you're a professional designer that presents a client/agency with a brand new design or a printing business that supplies business card services, templates, etc. You can attract your clients or customers and save a considerable amount of money and time by using real-life examples instead of printing and endless redesigning.

Mockups For Business Cards Can Be Created In Three Simple Steps.


Photoshop is the most used tool for creating mockups. You can either take your own photographs and transform them into a mockup or buy PSD files from a variety of sources.

Follow These Simple Steps

  • Use any software you like; Illustrator and InDesign are recommended for printable Designs.
  • Choose the best templates from multiple options at store.designpace.agency.
  • Automatically add your logo and designs in business card mockups. Send files and share.

The strategies employed in these stages can be utilized to create any form of stationery or branding, allowing you to show your customers an image of the final printed output without having to print it.

Examples Of Business Card Mockups You Can Build In Minutes

Mockups That Are Both Creative and Clean

The style of your business card is influenced by your career, the type of job you do, and the personality you have inside your company.

As a result, some of you may opt for the less obvious or more sophisticated options. Some of you simply desire cards with which you can doodle vital details.

PSD samples from store.designspace.agency can be used to display information such as your email, phone number, website address, and physical address. There is enough place to count your company name and tagline that best reflects your company.

Mockups For Corporate Business Cards

This mockup is best suited for those working in marketing, sales, promotion, and other areas of a huge corporation. 

Purchase this customizable template for $6.99 here

That's because this card makes a strong statement about the organization/person to whom it belongs by using the proper colors and style principles, making a lasting impression.

Mockup Of An Elegant Business Card.

A business card mockup template with a more beautiful design and graphics.

While you can make it into a simple business card, the default layout is vertical, providing an incredible experience. 

Thanks to the use of white hues and inscriptions that help highlight the key features of your card, such as your name, logo, contact information, and business location. Experience this mockup now at store.designspace.agency

Mockup Kit For Business Cards

If you're a newcomer to the industry, make sure your marketing tools can assist you to establish a positive image. 

Your business card is one of the best ways to entertain potential consumers. With that in mind, you may require incredible mockups that provide a photorealistic appearance to your final design. 

A Business Card Mockup Kit is included, which includes an 85x55mm, 3.5 2 inch business card, and a square business card.

Purchase this template for $6.99 here

At 300 dpi, all mockups have a maximum resolution of 4500 by 3000 pixels. You can find 10 pre-scenes, 8 various background buildings, 4 background scenes, and more from these sources. After all, a smart material layer will make it simple to arrange your ideas on the scene.

Mockups of Realistic Business Cards

Another straightforward but well-organized PSD template. My new PSD method is to lay down a few business cards on paper. 

This mockup is simple to edit and may be changed to any style you desire. New business cards are being printed. 

This time in a 2x3.5-inch size. These mockups are, yet again, quite simple to use and alter. You can customize the colors of the business card's edges and backgrounds.

Mockups of Personal Business Cards

We'll wrap up this fantastic list of some of the top business card mockup designs and templates in the globe. 

For those in the photo industry, here's another card template. This short template concept is a work of art.

Purchase this customizable template for $6.99 here

This template lets you promote your most successful projects right on the card. It also enables you to promote your photographic style and ideas without having to engage in lengthy arguments. 

You can add a barcode that leads to your portfolio elsewhere on the web. This increases your chances of attracting the right clients and customers without having to sit at a negotiating table. Moreover, this black-style template is completely customizable.

Thank you for visiting Designspace.agency and reading this article! We highly appreciate it!