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The Perfect Basic Resume Template (4+ Top Picks to Download)

Consider using a Simple resume template!

A classic and clean display that sticks out in nearly any setting.

Basic or fundamental does not have to be a bad thing. In reality, for a range of professions, a basic resume template is sometimes the ideal strategy. Our straightforward designs put the spotlight on your achievements, experience, education, and everything in between. And besides, should you not be the center of attention?

In reality, some recruiters favor these simplified designs since they allow them to thoroughly assess the candidate's capabilities.

When should you choose a basic or simple resume template?

Simple or basic templates are ideal for instances when your experience must speak for on its own.

Simple resume templates might help candidates looking for jobs in shipping and logistics, maintenance and repair, retail, or oil service. A basic or simple template communicates that you are a clean and organized applicant who is eager to get the job done.

Think before you go all out with bright colors and unconventional typefaces, you might want to test the application pool waters with a basic template that focuses on your expertise.

To get the most out of your basic template, keep your text clean and professional. Because there aren't many visuals or colors to attract a recruiter's attention, you'll want to utilize powerful action verbs that correctly reflect your successes. Proofreading your resume for grammatical and spelling issues is usually a good idea.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Simple Layout

  • You are a student or a new employee.

  • You desire a clean, streamlined resume 

  • You specialize in a technical or physical area 

  • You would like to put the spotlight of your resume on the content 

  • You are applying for an entry-level position

What distinguishes a simple resume/CV template?

A clean and consistent appearance with bold lines separating sections and directing the eye across the template defines a simple or basic resume template. The majority of these templates employ a grayscale color palette to produce a muted look that focuses on the resume's content. Simple resumes, as opposed to other sorts of free templates, focus more emphasis on the content of the resume rather than the top.

The Top Ten Components Of A Basic Resume Template

  • Smaller Header And Greater Emphasis On Resume Body 
  • All Parts Are About Similar In Size
  • Color Scheme Is Limited.
  • Classic, Timeless Vibe
  • There Are No Symbols Or Text Flourishes.
  • Sections Are Separated By Strong Lines.
  • A Good Mix Of White Space To Text, 
  • Plenty Of Room To Add Several Lines Of Experience.
  • There Is Less Room For A Headshot Or Branding.
  • Font Styles That Are Traditional

Once you're ready to send your resume, make certain that the format you prepared is the format that the recruiting manager sees. As a result, our templates allow you to save your resume as a PDF or Word docx file without affecting the layout. A PDF ensures that your resume will seem the same on any device or gadget. Nevertheless, some online application systems need docx files, which are handy if you need to make changes to your resume offline.

What else are you holding out for? It's time to locate the greatest resume templates, personalize them, and snag your ideal job in only a few clicks! Don't forget to include basic cover letters with your CV. Each CV template includes a cover letter template that you can use to submit with your resume. Take advantage of having access to the greatest CV examples and a simple system that performs the work for you!

Top 5 Template Hits To Download

Professional and Persuasive Resume

The use of a colored sidebar organizes your contact information, allowing your experience to come through. The broad header, on the other hand, adds some color and draws attention to your name and title.

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This design is ideal for business executives and those wanting to grow in their professions.

Making Use of Infographic Resumes

Try changing your past employment list into a chronological experience timeline. Use graphic icons to demonstrate distinct abilities or interests. (If you don't want to make your own images from start, there are many online vendors that have a large library of free graphics.)

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It is best to keep things simple.

If you're searching for a more administrative role, or if the business is more established and formal. Perhaps a more minimalist resume design would be better.

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It involves no flashy clipped images, graphics, or colors that will give the hiring manager nightmares.

Take a cue from this straightforward resume template:

Create a Personal Brand

Treating your job application as a branding exercise is an excellent way to improve your application while also demonstrating to your prospective employer that you can be creative while sticking to a set of brand guidelines.

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Before you begin working on your portfolio, CV, and cover letter, establish some ground rules for your personal brand.

Think about creating your own logo, color scheme, and typography.

Complement The Industry's Colors

Another strategy is to customize your resume to the brand of the company or industry where you are applying. Adopting the industry's fonts, colors, style, and so on to your own CV may look contradictory.

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It shows that you have done your research and are excited about the company or business, such as the green color for the renewable energy sector. This is how you set yourself out from the competition.


Additionally, while studying resume examples, remember to customize rather than plagiarize. Use the templates to spark ideas, but take pleasure in creating a resume with your own distinctive content and aesthetic appeal.