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How To Personalize A Modern Resume Template

The targeted resume seems to be the only resume that counts.

A CV that has been tailored to a particular position at a certain firm.

 Potential employers have seen every possible resume format. You must create a CV that showcases your industry-specific experience, abilities, and certifications, as well as key abilities, for maximum wow-factor.

 Remember the last time you scrutinized the layout of your resume? If you've been using the same old resume style year after year, your resume may be giving potential employers the incorrect impression.

 Worse, a poorly prepared CV is more likely to be rejected. That effectively eliminates your prospects of ever being considered for a post. You're capable of doing better. It is time to update your resume with a modern resume template.

This lesson will teach you about the qualities of a modern resume. I'll also walk you through the process of customizing a contemporary resume template.

 This tutorial will show you how to:

  • What is a tailored resume, and why do you need one to secure a job?
  • How to adapt your CV to a certain position and persuade the company that you're the best fit.
  • Tips and examples for quickly creating targeted resumes.


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 What Does "Targeted Resume" Mean?

 A targeted resume is one that has been updated or modified for a specific job opening. This type of resume is designed to showcase abilities and expertise relevant to a certain position. A focused CV makes it very obvious to potential employers that you are an excellent fit for the position."

Furthermore, the targeted CV is customized for the specific firm by complementing its corporate culture and aligning with its objectives and purpose statement.

And this is critical: 61 percent of all companies demand customized resumes, and 36 percent would reject your application if it appears basic.

Below is a list of the qualities of an excellent, modernized resume:   

  • Utilizes Professional Typefaces 
  • Has A Well-organized And Clean Design
  • Tailored To The Position You Are Looking For
  • Contains Keywords For Skills 
  • Contact Information For Social Media

Here's how you'll adjust your CV to match the job description:

Examine The Job Posting And Highlight Crucial Keywords.

 The job advertisement makes this test open-book—everything you need to ace an interview is right in front of you.

If you do not properly read the job advertisement, you may provide irrelevant information.

You now understand how to obtain information from a job advertisement.

Now you'll learn how to use it while creating a tailored resume.

 Let us begin at the beginning:

Step 1: Compile Your Data

This will expedite the process when you begin writing.

It'll require your most recent information to customize a resume template. In addition to your complete name, you'll need your most recent:

  • job titles 
  • years of experience 
  • educational achievements and awards 
  • skills 
  • social media contact information

Make a list of the keywords from the job posting if you're applying for one. Include them on your CV and cover letter if feasible.

Step 2: Get the Best Modern Resume Template

It might be tough to select the best resume template. You want one that is adaptable and simple to upgrade. 

You need to be able to easily adapt it for different jobs. On Store.Designspace.Agency, we have a large collection of resume templates.

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Step 3: Create a Resume Summary

You need two to four phrases in your professional aim statement or summary statement to grab their attention with your profile statement.

In addition to resuming power words, you'll need certain keyword matches to target them.

One of the most crucial elements of your resume is the summary. It is frequently the first thing a prospective employer reads. To write a more effective resume summary, follow these steps:

  • Adjectives should be used to characterize your work.
  • Highlight accomplishments that you are proud of.
  • Align the description to the job description.
  • Keep it brief. It is best to have four to five lines.
  • Use the words "I" and "my" sparingly.

Step 4. Contact Details and Social Media Accounts

The addition of social media contact info is one of the hallmarks of a modern resume template.

Usually, disclosing your address is a poor idea since it might lead to prejudice.

Step 5. Modify Your Skills

The contemporary resumes Talents section is an ideal opportunity to emphasize any skills you've gained on the job or in school. You could also include skill-related keywords.

Step 6. Professional Experience

There are two approaches to tailoring a resume job history section.

Typically, each experience entry is divided into two sections: duties and notable achievements.

Don't merely mention each task you completed in the duties section. They are aware.

Instead, highlight a handful of your responsibilities that are most similar to the position you're looking for, especially if you're changing fields. To begin each job responsibility item, use action verbs.

You should utilize numbers to demonstrate your understanding in the important achievements section.

Step 7 Personalised Education

That is indeed correct. Even your education should be personalized to your needs. As an example, consider the following:

Position Prerequisites:

  • Understanding of the Rotary Drilling System
  • BEng in chemical or a closely related subject

Would you have put a bachelor's degree, BEng, or B.Eng in your education resume section?

Because most individuals skip periods, it may make sense to do so as well.

However, the real advice is about something quite different: Use the full title as well as the abbreviation:

(Example of a Bachelor of Engineering degree) (B.Eng)

You'll explore two crucial keywords!

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Step 7 Targeted Skills

It appears to be one of the simplest areas to master, but many individuals get it wrong because they do not customize it to the task.

 Tips for Targeted Resumes

  • Inside the talents area, list the most relevant abilities
  • Include key abilities in the resume content.
  • Keep the skill list to a maximum of 5–7 elements.

Once they see a distinct skills area, some recruiters raise their brows. If you ignore it, however, it will backfire since one in every three companies will automatically reject your resume if they do not see it.

Most businesses are willing to hire employees who don't have the exact experience they're searching for. Furthermore, most ATS systems allow for less-than-perfect ratings as well.

Yes, utilize the most important keywords exactly as they appear on your CV. However, don't rephrase the job advertisement's language (34 percent of all employers reject over-optimized resumes.)

Important Points

Writing a focused, customized CV is not a fun task.

You will, however, be ecstatic when you see the results—calls for interviews immediately rather than later.

Follow these easy steps to create a tailored resume:

  • Always customize your CV to the job you're applying for.
  • Use the job advertisement to guide your writing and personalize each part.
  • Make your application unique to the organization and its culture.
  • Create a resume email that is personalized to the hiring manager.
  • Include a personalized cover letter with your tailored CV.