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How to Make a Professional Business Email Signature

Consider the number of emails your company sends each day.

Now Think for a minute how many marketing and branding chances have been squandered.

Many people treat their email signatures as a last-minute idea, which results in a significant missed opportunity. Don't let yourself become one of them.

Your email signature contains more information than just your name and title. And it is a component of building your own brand. It should elicit student input, provide contact information, and attract the reader's attention in a positive and memorable way.

What should go in your signature? Most of it will be determined by your own preferences, the brand of your firm, and your cultural values, and even the industry you're in. However, here are some suggestions as you create your own:

Excellent email signatures serve two purposes:

  • They draw the reader's attention
  • Convey Specific information about you to the reader

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Are you unsure about what to add in your email signature? Here are some examples of good email signature features:

  1. Name, title, and business.  The reader can know who sent the email by seeing your name. If you are a company representative, you must give your name and title in the company.
  2. Contact information. Your company's website should be included in your contact information. In addition, you must enter at least one phone number. Although many experts believe it is unneeded, it is permissible to include your email address.
  3. Social links. The inclusion of contact information in your email signature is becoming increasingly vital. Choose which of your professional communication accounts you want to connect with. LinkedIn is an excellent example. Avoid linking to inactive or irrelevant public accounts.
  4. Logo (voluntary).  If you work for a firm or own your own business, you should sign your email signature.
  5. Photograph (voluntary) A photo of the sender is commonly included in email signatures. This allows the reader to put a face to your name.
  6. Responsive design. The popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices has grown. Your email recipient is likely to open it on a mobile device. A responsive design accommodates mobile readers.
  7. Legal prerequisites. Some countries have special legal standards that must be met by all commercial communications. Check with your attorney to discover if the country in which your company is based has any regulations concerning email signatures.

Don't make your email signature overly long or incorporate too much information. The most effective email signatures are brief. According to research, recipients tend to overlook email signatures that contain too much information. For example, for the suitable email signature, one or two phone numbers are usually adequate.

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Email Signature Features: Find The Best Use Case

It is difficult to build a relationship without seeing a face, however including many of the aspects in a corporate email signature might help in this area, including:

  • Associate company or organization
  • Other elements include a call to action and social evidence.

 It's debatable if you need to include social media links, however Unilever raised its social media following by nearly 500% by including a link in their email signatures.

 You can have an email signature that includes all of the parts or only some of them. However, depending on your professional interests, your correct email signature may require some requirements.

For promotional purposes:

  • Social media icons
  • A link to your most recent article
  • A link to your blog subscription

In terms of sales:

  • A banner displaying the most recent sale or offer
  • Promotions for the season
  • Season's greetings with a link to a promotional page

In terms of client relationships:

  • A link to a landing page containing information about your mission and services
  • A link to a video showcasing your services being presented
  • Customer feedback or testimonials

Consider Using One Of These Five Free Email Signature Generators.

The great news is that you don't have to follow all of this advice and create your own fresh email signature. There is an app for it.

Here are four ideas for you to consider.

1. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a free email signature generator that works with your email client to automatically upload well-designed email signatures to your compose window.

WiseStamp makes it simple to add an image, live RSS feed of your newest blog or social post, and other features to your signature.

2. Newoldstamp

Check out the newoldstamp if you're searching for something a little different. You may customize 11 email signature themes in various colors and layouts, as well as add photo and social buttons.

3. Htmlsig 

Try htmlsig.com for a simple, clean email signature with just enough detail and no extraneous frills.

4. Signature.email

Designers and agencies can generate stunning email signatures with signature.email. Begin with a template, then modify the colors, fonts, and spacing, as well as add and rearrange any number of fields. Individuals can create a free personal signature.

5. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a lead search engine, but they also offer a free email signature generator.

You may select from a variety of template layouts, but what's really useful is that when you're finished, you can produce a shared URL to distribute to others in your team so they can fill in their own information, making it easy for your entire team to have matching signatures.


Because the most fundamental marketing principles are usually the most effective, well-crafted business email signatures are more than simply a communication tool – they can help you reach all types of marketing and sales goals, client connections, and lead nurturing. Use this Ebook to create a positive and long-lasting image of yourself or your firm, which will lead to enhanced brand awareness.