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Here Are 7+ Modern Ideas For Business Card Design Templates

If you’re someone who’s been using the same business card since their twenties, it could be time to embrace a new look...or be in for a shock!

But how do you design a business card that works well, if you are not familiar with Photoshop? Using a business card template is a great way to start.

We’ve put together 2021’s most interesting business card styles to bring your marketing, and your Branding, to the New Era.

QR Code

QRCode is the best way to enter all your company details without making the card look full. 

Additionally, you can establish links between content on your website and other online platforms, with printed information.

Figuratively speaking, the QR code is a bridge between the real and the digital world. By scanning your QR code, your potential clients will have easy access to your website, landing page, or contact page. 

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Here are some tips to make a good impression on your receivers:

  • You don’t need to use the regular black and white square. Your QR code can come in any form and color. You can even put your logo on it!
  • Make a short call to action. Tell your recipients what they need to do and where the code will take them (“See our proof”, “Get a discount”etc.).
  • Make sure you create a consistent design. If, say, your business card features a handwritten font and soft shades, make sure your QR code has the same look style.

Semi-Transparent Plastic

Business cards made of transparent plastic are respected among Businessmen. 

The card is fun to the touch and looks stylish. Resistant to water and material wear, plastic cards last longer than their cardboard equivalents. Also, plastic allows a lot of ways to make the original design.

Something that many of these designs have in common is opaque objects, such as text and graphics. Some divide the card into categories with different values ​​of transparency.  One is slightly opaque while the other part is textured. This creates an interesting background where the company name can appear.

If you have a visible background, use bright colors in your text. If, however, you have a colorful background, leave your text and graphics transparent.

Vertical Business Card PSD Template

If you are a lover of vertical business card designs, this template is perfect for you. It comes with a modern and colorful design, perfect for antiques.

From the logo to the background, you can change it according to your wish without thinking twice. Prepare an interesting business card with just one click! Use our template to create creative, unique, attention-grabbing business cards.

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Branded Minimal Business Cards

"Less is more" is a universal law that applies to all areas of business and industries. Use as few items as possible. Leave enough empty space around text and graphics. A Minimal business card will look clean and timeless. 

The logo, company colors, and fonts are powerful enough to tell more about your product. Can't find where to put your logo and what colors to choose? Get help with Design Space for Business cards! Get lots of ideas for your business card in seconds.

Sleek and fashionable, these cards perform endlessly and visually. The font selection on these business cards usually has no serifs and color variations are minimal.

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Design freedom is found in the orientation — the business name or address can be placed anywhere that fits the design. These business card designs speak to our wisdom and you can start customizing this template at store.designspace.agency

Luxury Business Card PSD

In 2021, one of the most prominent business card trends that will get you hooked on social media will be the Luxury Business Card

Here are the exclusive template designs with exceptional styles by Design Space that can be edited on your phone and laptop. Effortless customization with attractive colors, many adjustable font sizes.

This template has 3 icons and 2 versions alongside the minimalist font Poppins.

This is a great business card template designed specifically for professionals working in luxury products, businesses, and hotels. The template has a unique and stylish design that will look great on a gold plate print. Start customizing this template with Photoshop.


Gradients have been trending for a long time now. With each passing year, the color change becomes smoother and more subtle. Gradients are sure to add volume to your business card and highlight your creative side.

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You can add gradients as a background or use them to highlight your logo, text, or graphics with this template.

Using magenta shades will make your business card more open and presentable. Consider placing colored gradients behind a black or white background.

Large Text For The BIG Concept

Another great trend this year for business cards appears in the class of designs that put a big text on the front and inside. 

In these designs, the text is a design. These are not wordmark logos,  this includes text stretched across the card, leaving little room for white space and rendering any image that might appear obsolete. 

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Bonus Tips!

Business Cards Have Natural Motifs

Whether in a flower shop or kindergarten, this business card process uses natural drawings that speak to our public desire for a deeper connection with nature. We've gone out of the way to ensure the design is tailored to all professional needs with attractive colors, many adjustable font sizes. 

This template has 3 icons and 2 versions i.e. Version 1: yellow and brown and Version 2: light yellow and brown.Color is common on these cards even though it is not necessary. And if you think they are limited to flowers, think again.

Purchase this customizable template for $6.99 here

Purchase this customizable template for $7.99 here

Some of these designs use harmonious serifs with flower tones and other natural elements - and they work.  

Watercolor brushstroke effects give warmth and personality to business cards. While this style may work for anyone, it is especially applicable to the arts and fashion companies.

Wrapping Up…..

A business card is a continuation of your Business Brand. A smart business card can talk more about your company and help stand out in a competitive market. To create a clean card, you are welcome to find inspiration in the trends presented in this article. At the same time, make sure that your design stays neat and clean.