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Common Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Email Signature

It is indeed easy to miss that once the reader has read the subject line and content of your email, there's one more opportunity to stand out.”

Do many businesses make some really dumb email signature blunders that may significantly harm their brand portrayal? As a result, a corporation's control over its email signature block is lost, making it appear sloppy and amateurish.

In certain cases, they provide the receiver a notion of who wrote the email in case they need to contact the sender. They're also respectable in the sense that, like letterhead, they show you're in business.

Mistakes You Could Easily Avoid

Use An Image As Your Signature.

Several email services or devices have default settings that prevent pictures from being sent in emails. If your signature is a picture that includes your name, title, and logo, the receiver may not see anything.

If you must add a picture, always provide alt text so the recipient does not see a blank box. Nothing is more annoying than an email with an illegible signature.

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Don’t reinvent the email signature

Graphical email signatures have been around for over a decade. So there's no need to start from scratch. Conduct some research: Because you will shortly see, there are certain basic design rules that must be followed. The easiest way to comply is to utilize pre-existing templates, which will speed things up and make you appear more competent.

Don't ignore calls to action.

Simply add call-to-action buttons to your email signature if you want your email recipients to perform a certain action! Most people are aware that linking your website to your signature is a good way to attract traffic to it. However, few people include a hyperlink to their email address in their email signature. What's the point? That's because emails are frequently forwarded. 

When a new receiver sees your email address as a hyperlink, they may simply email you with a single click rather than copying and pasting your address. According to our statistics, this tiny modification makes a significant effect.

Failure To Design For The Small Screen.

According to recent stats, at least half of all receivers read their emails on their mobile device. This indicates that your signature is being shown on a smaller screen.

Make certain that everything is ‘thumbable,'  The thumb has replaced the mouse. If the receiver cannot simply click on your link, your email will be deleted.”  

Also paying attention to the typeface for the screen is key.

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Don't disregard the limits of your email provider.

It's not like all email service providers are the same! Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, and other email clients each offer their own set of features.

Webmail services, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, offer features that are fundamentally different from desktop services, such as Outlook and Mac Mail. So, when you're using Outlook, don't use GIFs as CTAs because Microsoft's image processor doesn't accept them. If you spend most of your day on the road and communicate using your Android mail client, you should be aware that reach HTML signatures are not supported.

Before beginning to design, as usual, look at what others are doing by researching relevant samples for your email offer.

Having irrelevant content

If you’re not updating your blog or social media accounts on a regular basis, then don’t add links to them in your email signature.

Posts need to be current, so sending someone to a page that hasn’t been updated in months could backfire on you as it makes out that you’re not serious about your work.

Including irrelevant content

If you aren't regularly maintaining your blog or social media accounts, don't include links to them in your email signature.

Posts must be current, so directing someone to a page that hasn't been updated in months may backfire, implying that you're not serious about your job.

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Failure to include an email disclaimer

Whether you like it or not, an email disclaimer is required by law in several places, most notably in North America and Europe.

The firm name, registered office address, and company registration data are frequently included in the text, which is a legal requirement for corporate email in many countries. Check to see whether your emails are observing international laws.

The Use Of A Stale Sign Off.

Traditional closings, such as "Sincerely," "Best," and "Take care," are great and meet standard business decorum, but they won't get you recognized. Instead, infusing your individuality can be a better option.. Are you outgoing and fun? Snarky? Silly? Use these characteristics to your advantage and finish your emails in an unexpected way.

We have a tendency to water down our personalities in order to fit a mold of what is professional, but what is professional is an arbitrary concept. If you insult someone with your signoff, you generally don't want to work with or for them.

You always want to leave the person excited to respond to you, Most of the people who respond to me remark on my unique closing.


While the most basic marketing concepts are typically the most successful, well-crafted business email signatures may help you achieve many sorts of marketing and sales goals, client relationships, and lead nurturing. Use this Ebook to develop a positive and long-lasting brand for yourself or your company, resulting in increased brand recognition.