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Best Ideas For Creating A Simple & Professional Resume Design Template

Your resume is far more than a list of your previous jobs.

It is a tool that informs hiring managers that you are the prospect they have been looking for.

It doesn't matter where you are in your career—if you want to be recognized by potential employers, your professional CV must blow their socks off.

One of the most essential projects you will ever develop is your resume or CV.

If you're proactive and willing to go the additional mile, your ideal career is just around the corner. Start with your CV and work harder than everyone else to promote yourself as the greatest prospect.

To ensure that your resume is seen, a professional resume design is just as vital as the content.

Just as publishers spend a significant amount of time selecting the greatest book cover designs, you should do the same while creating a resume.


Because a well-designed CV ensures two things:

One, your resume hooks recruiters and practically pushes them to pay more attention to it.

Second, make sure that all of the information you wish to offer is readable and easy to discover in a hurry.

If you fail to deliver on any of the above, you can say goodbye to your ideal career.

Use data visualization to demonstrate your soft talents

Template for Creating a Data Viz Infographic Resume

On your CV, it's a bit tough to discuss your soft talents. If you're going to market them, make sure you backup your claims with proof throughout your interviews.

A data visualization, such as the one used in this resume design, is an excellent approach to emphasize your soft and hard talents. A one-of-a-kind data visualization will not only capture the reader's attention but will also display your facts in an unusual manner.

Purchase this customizable template for $7.99 here.

Minimal Resume

Attractive resume templates with a limited number of colors and symbols.

The “Tidy Resume” is now available at the Store.

Designspace.Agency demonstrates that even two-page resumes may be readily scannable when section headers stand out. This editable resume template is available in Word, INND, and PSD formats.

Maintain a consistent color palette

Formal Resume Template with Creativity

If you would like your CV to be successful, I recommend making similar design decisions throughout. Make it a goal to utilize the same fonts, icons, and colors in each part of your resume. 

The designers used a nicely consistent color palette in this resume design template. The bright pinks work wonderfully with the deeper purples. Furthermore, because they selected a white backdrop, the colors pop off the page.

The constant color palette not only looks fantastic, but it also makes this lovely CV extremely easy to read.

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Avoid including too much detail on your CV

Simple Colorful Business Resume Template

Colorful Business Resume Template is a simple and colorful business resume template.

It might be difficult to describe all you've done, learned, and practiced throughout your time at a firm. However, it is critical not to mention too much on your CV and risk overloading the recruiting manager with details

When writing your resume, select a simple resume template with a simple, clean style to avoid information overload. This will force you to compress your arguments in order to concentrate on what is truly important in order to present yourself as an excellent candidate for the post.

Using Columns Wisely Saves Space

Resumes that are well-designed and include a chronology

Minimal Resumes by Designspace employs two columns in the job experience and education sections, allowing you to maintain your resume on one page without needing to cram your information. You will also receive a cover letter template and a ready-to-print business card as an incentive

Choose The Ideal Font

Using a distinctive font may be an easy method to distinguish your resume from a sea of Arial and Times New Roman. When it comes to resumes, there is no right or wrong font, but here are a few general principles to follow

Make certain that any typeface you use is legible on both a screen and in print. Font sizes should be between 11 and 13 points. Any smaller, and even the most slick font risks becoming unreadable.

Be consistent in your usage of varied font sizes. For example, all headers and body text should be the same size.

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Observe industry standards.

We'll say it once more. The sort of position you are looking for should have an impact on the style of your resume.

Consider utilizing a vintage typeface if you're looking for a job in publishing. A position as a web designer? Consider using some colorful components in a print resume or creating a digital CV to demonstrate your abilities in action.

If you're seeking for a job as an administrative assistant, you might want to avoid using unusual design features. (In other words, columns are likely to be the limit.) Do you have more than one job? Create numerous resumes based on what you discover when studying your desired roles.

Make It Your Own By Adding A Personal Touch To The Design

Even if using unicorn stickers on your résumé is not a smart idea, you can still offer a personal touch via design.

You could, for example, use a custom typeface, borders, shading, subtle flashes of color, and so on. Just be in mind that if someone prints out a resume that was submitted online, it may not be in color. Check that everything appears excellent and is legible even in black and white.

Include Certain Key Terms In Your Resume At All Times 

Elegant Colored Service Resume Template

As a rule of thumb, you should always try to incorporate terms that are straight from the job description for the post you're applying for. It is a proven technique to make your resume stand out since the hiring manager has these terms in mind while scanning resumes.

We would recommend utilizing powerful words throughout the descriptions to help your CV stand out. These power words, according to Experts, should include:

  • Terms that reflect your skill
  • Particular keywords
  • Action Verbs 
  • Values of the company
  • Industry terminology

They utilized a good blend of all of those sorts of power phrases in the resume opening above.


Now that you understand how to use resume design examples and apply them to your own qualifications, browse the huge collection categorized by industry at store.designspace.agency. The samples span a wide range of professions and levels, demonstrating a variety of methods to improve your CV throughout your career.