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10 Best Professional Email Signature Examples

If you run a business via email, your email signature is frequently one of the last points of contact a customer has with your Brand or Service.

Every day, the average office employee receives and sends 40 emails. Every day, you have 40 chances to sell yourself and your business through the emails you send.

Those signatures provide an opportunity for you to influence target customer’s thoughts, let them know who you are, make it easy for people to contact you, and provide a place for them to go to learn more - either about you, your business, or something you work for.

Email signatures are simple to create, but oftentimes are  done in a poor and awkward manner. Most individuals want their signature to express their individuality and provide relevant information but they can easily stretch too far.

What is the significance of email signatures?  It may be tedious and the last thing on your to-do list, but it has an impact on the nature of all emails you send.

We've gathered some great email signature ideas to inspire your creativity.

Professional Email Signature Examples

1. Make It Simple

Occasionally simple and elegant is all that is required. The most typical mistake individuals make with email signatures is to treat them as mini-autobiographies, putting links, details, portfolios, and a plethora of details.

So, instead, try to keep your signature to the point and tailored to your brand. Do you avoid conducting business over the phone? Maybe nix the phone number from your signature.  Are you very active on Twitter and Facebook? Consider including a link to those profiles instead.

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If all of this seems too much, then...

Don't overthink things. All you actually need is

  • Your Name
  • Title (optional), Company (linked to the website)
  • Phone number

    2. Make use of branded colors.

    Try adding one or two colors from your brand, logo, or other graphic components to add visual appeal to a basic email signature. You can keep your Brand looking excellent and flowing smoothly by limiting your palette and focusing on what colors to use and when to use them.

    An excellent technique to select your color palette is to take samples from your brand, such as your logo.

    get this template @ 

    Check out the example above via store.designpace.agency that uses the signature color from the brand mark to highlight other elements throughout the signature.


    1. Have a few font options that are personalized to your brand.

    We've agreed that your color palette should be kept minimal, but what about your typeface selection? Overusing fonts, like using several colors, can rapidly sign your signature and make it extremely difficult and distracting to read.

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    A simple solution to this obstacle is to instead just use a more flexible typeface.

    Check our Branding Ebook for Forward thinking Entrepreneurs to get an idea of the exact type of font that suits your brand.


    4 Add a Call-to-Action

    Adding a call to action is one of the smartest things you can do with your email signature.

    This is the text that persuades your recipient to take action.

    Source: newoldstamp

    Other than social media icons, the action you want them to perform can be anything. A typical email signature can be utilized to drive other stuff from your email recipients. You can, for example, provide a link to your most recent blog article or encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter.


    1. Use Social Media Icons to Increase Traffic

    Do you have well-managed social media profiles for yourself or your company? If integrating links to your social media profiles piques your interest, use icons rather than hyperlinks or URLs. Why? It only takes 150ms (milliseconds) for the human brain to process a signal and 100ms to assign meaning to it. That was lightning fast!


    1. Align your design with a Visual  hierarchy 


    When designing your email signature style, employ scales, colors, and font weights to visually indicate to your email readers which elements in your signature should be read first.

    Here's the secret: the difference between a well-organized and well-executed signature and one that appears sloppy is simply a matter of balance.

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    You may instantly bring order and harmony to your design by simply aligning your drawings, letters, and symbols in a logical and consistent way.


    1. Stay Ahead

    Many brands would benefit from a modern email signature design. The sleek, clear font and contemporary design offer a timeless sense without appearing outdated.

    Try to invite customers to communicate with you while designing your email signatures.

    get this template @ store.designspace.agency

    Make it simple for people to contact you or use your services. An email signature is a good tool for this.

    If you feel a modern design style fits your business, then visit store.designspace.agency


    1. Share Your Achievements

    Several businesses like to utilize their email signatures to publicize announcements, such as awards or certifications received. You can also include or list badges for certificates or courses completed. Professionalism emerges from displaying your skills in your email signature.

    Source: mail-signatures 

    1. Dividers might help you make better use of your space.

    When there’s a lot of content and a small amount of room, opting for a minimal design is usually more comfortable. As a result, by employing dividers, you can fit a lot of information into a small amount of space without having it appear overly confusing or busy.

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    As we've seen in these excellent examples using Designspace, one form of divider separates designs. Each item of information and content is structured in a clean, basic, and very effective manner by using simple red picture separators.


    10. Mobile first

    Finally, take in mind that most people read their email on mobile phones. When selecting an email signature format. Choose a mobile-friendly design and graphic components. If your logo has little text, try employing only the portions that translate well on small screens. If you include links or icons, make sure they are evenly spaced so that visitors can click with their fingers.

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    Possibly the best business email signatures are more than simply a communication tool; they can help you reach a variety of marketing and sales objectives, as well as strategic partnerships and lead nurturing. Use this Ebook to create a positive and long-lasting image of yourself or your firm, which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.